James Lloyd Breck Society Members

Anonymous (3)
Lee R. ’57 and Penny Anderson
Jill E. and William G. Bartel #
Bea Baumgardner #
Bruce and Lisa Blazar
Paul ’69 and Mary Cederberg
Susan F. and Albert J. Colianni, Jr. #
James E. Comer ’40 ◦
Charles M. Converse ’49
Kristi K. Cousineau
Katherine D. Doerr #
Beverley and Fletcher Driscoll ’51
Susan Eder
Julie Elam
Rolf and Nancy Engh
Mark B. Evenstad ’87 #
Michelle Ewald
Frank T. Fifield ◦
Clarence G. Frame ◦
Lois and James Fruen
Shannah R. and Douglas D. Gillespie #
Bryce T. Gillespie ’98 #
Myra and Roger Greenberg ’50
Warren and Patricia ◦ Hall
John and Alice Harrison ◦
Ruth and Paul Hauge ’50 #
Richard A. Hegener ’62
Stephen A. Helland ’66 #
Gale and C. Carroll Hicks ’47 ◦
Tom and Kim Hoffman
Bruce E. Jacobson ’66 #
Thomas R. Johansson ’86
Chelen H. Johnson
George R. A. Johnson ’59 #
Brenda Kallstrom ◦
Hamilton and Mildred Kellogg ◦
Warren Kelly and Chelle Stoner #
Paul and Michelle Koch
Joyce McCann #
Sarah Meeks ’84
Kendrick B. Melrose #
Sara and Bruce Monick #
Kim and Stafford Nelson
Ann K. Newhall ◦ and Richard C. Schleuss
Jeffrey Perry ’66
Jody and Octavio Portu, Jr. #
Lucinda Pratt #
The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior and Staci Prior
Thomas Rash III ’88
Karyl A. and Byron A. Rice #
Hugh H. Roberts ’69
Marilyn and William C. Ryerse ’47 #
Susan and Michael Seeland #
Andrea Kmetz-Sheehy and Robert J. Sheehy
Anne Larsen Simonson #
Jeffrey C. and Helene Z. Slocum #
Julie and Patrick Spangler
John M. and Deta Stafford #
Ervin Stockwell III ◦
Linda Tapsak and David Pote
Gerald and Margaret “Peg” Wellik ◦
Jerry Wells #
Rev. Stephen S. Wlosinski and Rev. Cindy Peterson-Wlosinski
Dina R. Wolkoff ’84
Suzie Woodrich ’73 and David Knoblauch
Brooke and Brett G. Wyard ’88
Lew and Nicki Zeidner #

◦ Deceased
# Founding Member