Jody and O.P. Portu

Reflections of "Lifer" Parents

Jody and O.P. PortuAs parents of two boys who began in preschool (Jeffrey '08 and Michael '12), Jody and O.P. Portu have shown their support for Breck in any number of significant ways. They've been involved parents, active volunteers and generous donors, and they've set a strong example for their sons all along the way.

They didn't necessarily intend to be lifer parents. "When Jeffrey started in Breck preschool we weren't necessarily expecting that he'd be here all the way through," Jody says. "But he was so happy from the start that we wanted to see if it was the right school for Michael too. And it has been."

"From our very first visit, we were impressed with Breck's diversity. The community includes people from so many different economic, racial and religious backgrounds," adds O.P. "That's not just important in a school. It's good preparation for life."

The Portus have made volunteering at Breck a priority. O.P. has been President of the Board of Trustees and Jody is a past president of the Parents Association. Together, they've chaired the Annual Fund. The value of giving their time is a lesson they both learned growing up. "Our parents really took the time to explain to us why volunteering is so important," they say.

And they've made sure to teach the same lesson to their children. "At Breck, it starts early," Jody observes. "From serving as biddies to setting up cots for preschool naps, our kids learned from the minute they walked through the doors."

Older son Jeffrey has continued his commitment to service at Boston College where he's deeply involved with the admissions office and the Red Cross. "Breck prepared him so well for college," says Jody. "He understands how to balance academics, service and friendships."

For the Portus, financial support of Breck has also been important. "The education of our children is one of our top priorities," they say. And including the school in their estate plan is another way the family shows its support. "We're happy that we can help further the mission of this wonderful school and want to see it thrive for future generations as well."