Chuck Converse '49

Leaving a Legacy From 1,800 Miles Away

Chuck ConverseHe's been a full-time resident of Arizona for many years, but Chuck Converse '49 says he enjoys keeping up with a Minnesota school that completely changed his life.

An eighth grader when he came to Breck, Chuck says he "wasn't a bad boy, just very much unmotivated. I think I loved Breck from the very first day, and it totally turned me around."

For starters, he loved his teachers. "Pops Jonnard and Orwin Rustad were great. John Nelson was tough—and a better math teacher than he was a football coach!—and I always enjoyed Latin with Mike Uram. Of even more importance, I believe that any success I achieved was in large part due to Ted Osman's and especially Doc Milburn's teaching me how to write. Even college at Yale didn't have anywhere near the positive impact that Breck did. I consider myself very fortunate that my parents sent me to Breck."

Chuck also reflects fondly on his class. "There were only 43 of us, so we got to know each other very well!" he says. His participation in sports was another highlight. "I was very much a sub-par athlete, but at Breck I got the chance to have that experience." He even looks back positively on the passing and review in military parades. "I wasn't too excited about the military aspect, but I'm sure it was good for me!"

Retired from careers in finance, Park Nicollet Clinics and as an independent financial planner, Chuck and his wife Nancy love life in the Arizona sunshine and feel proud to support Breck in their estate plan. "I like to think that I'm helping the school educate other students like me. And I'm leaving a little legacy from 1,800 miles away."

Besides, Chuck says, given its influence on his life, Breck feels like a member of the family. "I wouldn't disinherit my children, so why would I disinherit Breck?"